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November 26, 2012, 23:03:11
Hi all,
I am new in the astrophotography hobby. I am interested mainly in planetary astrophotography, lesser to lunar and solar AP, and not at all in DS astrophotography ( the latter seems to me very difficult !).

I have been told by friends that the Sony ICX618 chip is very good for planetary AP. I found two IS cameras using this chip, namely DBK618 and DFK618. I could not understand the difference between them, since they are both color cameras.

Which one is thought to be best for planetary AP ?

PS : I know that the ideal planetary AP is done with monochrome cameras and LRGB combination. I have seen friends doing that. I deem it is better for me to begin the easy way, though !

Stefan Geissler
November 27, 2012, 13:02:13

DFK = color sensor with IR cut filter
DBK = color sensor without IR cut filter
DMK = monochrome sensor without IR cut filter

Which one is thought to be best for planetary AP ?
This question should be answered by an astronomer.

November 27, 2012, 17:26:31
Hi Stefan,
Warmest thanks for your prompt response !

Now I understand the difference between DFK and DBK.

As for the better suited for planets, I'll discuss it with local fans of astrophotography.

Best regards,