View Full Version : Unreadable frames and wrong frame numbers written to AVI with RGB24 (using DBK21/618)

November 16, 2012, 12:32:05

When I record an avi file at 30fps for 60 seconds there are approximately 60x30=1800 frames reported by Virtual-dub or Autostakkert software. This is ok.

However when at that 30 fps I use an exposure that takes longer than 30fps (so for instance 0.5 seconds) the created 60 seconds avi is still reported to contain around 1800 frames instead of the 60/0.5=120 frames which IC-Capture correctly reported as having captured.

The problem is encountered further downstream because programs like Autostakkert! and Castrator refuse to work correctly with these files which apparently contain around 1700 empty or corrupt frames besides the 120 correct ones.

This seems only to happen when recording in RGB24 format.

Is this a known issue ?

I use a DBK21AU618 USB camera
The latest IC Capture software
Happens both on my Windows-XP machine and a Windows-7 netbook.

Thanks for readin !