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October 25, 2012, 15:59:54
Hi. I just purchased my DMK51 this summer, and have been using it quite a bit on the Moon and Jupiter this Fall. The stills I've captured and later stacked in Registax have been amazing. However a big part of my use of the camera is live broadcasting on NightSkiesNetwork.com as well as public outreach, so I am interested in presenting as nice a live video stream as possible. A couple of features that I feel are missing from the IS.Capture software are:

- contrast adjustment
- saturation adjustment
- sharpness adjustment

To adjust the contrast I have been using the gamma adjust, which isn't really the same. For saturation, I've tried manually adjusting the three colour sliders under white balance adjust, but it is difficult to keep the white balance correct and only adjust up the colour intensity. Finally I have no way at all of increasing the sharpness of the image in the IS.Capture software, and to me the image is rather soft looking.

For now I have found a work around: I screen capture the live preview from IS.Capture using VirtualDub, and then apply "Saturation", "Contrast", and "Unsharp Mask" filters to the captured video stream in VirtualDub. To then broadcast I have to then screen capture the VirtualDub preview using WebCamMax. It would be great if I could simply make the adjustments I need right from the camera software. What are my options here?

Finally, the binning option in the IS.Capture software is greyed out. Why can I not use binning with my DBK51?


Jim Thompson
NSN Channel "AbbeyRoadObservatory"

Stefan Geissler
October 25, 2012, 16:32:32

You are right, the camera does not provide the contrast, saturation, sharpness, hue and so on properties. Therefore, their correspondent controls are inactive.

IC Capture has no image processing capabilities, therefore, these properties are not implemented in software. It was not planned to implement image processing into IC Capture. Therefore, I regret to say, your options are very limited.

Finally, the binning option in the IS.Capture software is greyed out. Why can I not use binning with my DBK51?
Its a function on a sensor. The sensor of the 51 does not support this.

Broadcasting is a complete different topic. This of course requires a complete different piece of software.