View Full Version : Clearing Frame Filter buffer after a delay

Eric Ho
September 28, 2012, 00:30:34

I am running a DMX 22CUB03 at 60fps (~16.7ms per frame) and performing my processing within the "transform" function of a frame filter.

Occasionally, I have a couple of operations that take upto 50ms per frame.
As a result, subsequent calls to the transform function will be handed stale frames (new frames just get buffered in memory and get processed later). At present, this causes me to be some 4 frames late.

How can I reset / flush the frame filter buffer so that I can always use the most recent frame?


Rgds, Eric

Stefan Geissler
September 28, 2012, 10:31:25
Hi Eric,

unfortunately you can not flush these buffers.

But the Iframe passed to the transform method contains the sampletime of the incoming frame. You can check this time, and if it is too old, you can avoid the image processing and the transform method can return false. Then the frame should be be handled by the program