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September 14, 2012, 10:15:57

Currently we are working in a project where we have to take a shot and store it in a jpg image. In this project we are using a BeagleBoard (www.beagleboard.org) which is a "minipc" that consumes only 5W when has all the hardware attached on it, so as you can guess we use this board because of its low power. This board has an ARMv8 processor so I am running Ubuntu 12.04 whith an armhf kernel.

The most important piece in our puzzle is DFK 72AUC02 Imaging Source camera (we bought this camera since we were told it was linux compatible) with which we are now taking black and white shots at 2592x1944 with the BeagleBoard running the 'armhf' Ubuntu 12.04. We were able to achieve this by following the instructions in the thread http://lists.berlios.de/pipermail/linux-uvc-devel/2011-March/006394.html and making some reverse engineering.

Our final goal is to take Bayer or RGB shots at 2592x1944.

Please, I really need help. Could anybody provide us with any documentation and instructions to patch uvc_driver.c or anyother file regarding linux uvcvideo driver? Please, no ofense, but does anybody know any new about the future of Imaging Source Linux (x86, x64, arm) support?