View Full Version : DFK 21AU04.AS parallel line problem with Hydrogen alpha telescope

June 6, 2012, 20:54:37
So i've had my DFK 21AU04.AS for some time now and enjoyed some brilliant imaging sessions with it, but i recently got a Hydrogen alpha telescope (coronado PST 1 Amstrong) and when i try to image with the DFK 21AU04.AS through it this annoying pattern of parallel lines appears! the picture i've attached shows a still from a video i recorded before and after debayering.

I'm really stumped with this one I've tried rotating the camera in the eyepiece holder and the pattern stays in the same position, but here's where it gets interesting i put my old Phillips SPC 900Nc webcam in and there was no pattern! so the fact that the pattern doesn't rotate with the camera suggests it's the telescope but using the SPC (which has the same CCD chip in it i think) suggests it's the camera causing the problem. i think that it may have something to do with the IR filter on the DFK 21AU04.AS but if it did surely the pattern would still rotate with the camera? ....