View Full Version : Solar Imaging problem with DMK21

April 16, 2012, 16:21:59
I have been using my DMK21AU04 (rechipped to 618 by Astronomiser) for solar imaging with a DS PST without problem until now. Last week when I went to use it all I could get was a blown out disc with no edge definition no matter what settings I tried or which capture program I used. Normal daytime use (taking Avi of tree branches) works OK although due to constant cloud cover I have not been able to try it on moon or planets. This as you can imagine is very frustrating so any thoughts/ideas on what you think might be causing this problem would be much appreciated. (the PST is working perfectly for visual use)
Thanks Derek

December 27, 2012, 03:12:35
Hi, I am having a similar problem, did you solved your problem? what I read is that the DMK 21 will not reach focus with a PST unless you use a Barlow or a very short nose piece, however Panama is all clouded so I have not being able to test with the Barlow... Joaquin