View Full Version : Problem compiling on a different PC

April 9, 2012, 21:50:09
I am trying to compile my VS2008 C# project with ICImagingControl on a different PC. I moved all the project files and installed IC Imaging Development Tools 3.2. However when I try to compile, I consistently get an error from the form that contains IC Imaging Control. The exact error is below:

Error 1 Unable to resolve type 'TIS.Imaging.ICImagingControl, TIS.Imaging.ICImagingControl31, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=257805929e8b7928' C:\asl\EyeTracker\trunk\EyeTrac_EXE\Properties\lic enses.licx 1 EyeTrac_EXE

Do I need to activate a license? I could not find any reference to it. CD contains the key but I was never asked to enter it. Or it's something else?


Stefan Geissler
April 10, 2012, 09:00:18

You do not need to install a license. The licenses.licx points to IC 3.1, while you use IC 3.2. Therefore, make sure, your project uses really 3.2. If your project uses 3.2, you can remove the licenses.licx file from your project.

April 10, 2012, 20:48:02
Thank you very much. I did not realize that my project included the license file. Once I deleted it, everything compiled.