View Full Version : dfx72buc02 and dfg/usb2-it problem when connected simultaneously

March 6, 2012, 10:44:29
Hi, I'm developing an acquisition software that use at the same time one "dfx72buc02" and one "dfg/usb2-it".
If I try to capture images from those devices connected simultaneously to usb, the DFX work correctly but the DFG transmit a blu screen, otherwise if I try to capture with only one device connected to usb both works correctly.

I've installed drivers and sdk from the original cd v3.2.0.5, and i'm developing on a Win XP 64 with .net 4.0.

Please give me some help, because i've not idea on how to fix it.

thanks a lot.


Stefan Geissler
March 7, 2012, 17:01:25

I think, you have a bandwidth problem on the USB Bus. Please try lower frame rates in the DFK 72. Lower frame rates allocate less bandwidth on the USB bus.

The better solution is using two different USB controllers. One for the camera and the other one forthe converter.