View Full Version : How to: 16bit sampling of pixel data from a NIR-fpa

February 10, 2012, 21:31:01
Dear GuysN*****,

I'm the new guy :) in this forum and also in NIR spectroscopy...hello to all.

first of all: sorry for my bad english, this isn't my national language.

I have a problem here and I hope you would help me.

I want to sample the video output from a NIR sensor into 16bit (ADC). This sensor only have 2 outputs:

1) pixel/video out.
2) trigger signal for ADCs.

So I don't have any reference signal.

- Video out is between 1V (offset) and 3V(saturation).
- Pixel Clock = 5MHz
- 192x96 pixel

I need best accuracy.

So I never develop a board for an NIR sensor and this is why I would ask you:
How would you do that? Do you know suitable ADCs for me? And would you reprocess the analog pixel signal before sampling?

Is it eneough to have an 16bit ADCs with Bottom Reference=1V, Top Reference=3V and 5-MSPS (see attached file "schematic")? Or is this to easy?

I would like to discuss with you about possible circiuts, suitable OPVs and ADCs...the whole hardware stuff for getting pixel data into my pc :)

Thanks for your productive RE !

greetings fullwell