View Full Version : Image capture issue

February 9, 2012, 16:16:16

I have DFK 21AU04 Cam. I am trying to capture an Image using that in labview.

Tried all things I could to make it work. Finally thought of writing to you.

Have attached my labview program and it throws "The object is not initialized in cam.vi" error when I tried to capture an image.

Note: The camera is working; Stop/Start functionalities are working; When I click start, I can see live video. Only the Grap Image functionality is giving me headaches.
I am using labview 2010 and IC imaging control 3.2

If you could guide me, it would be great.

- Noby Jose

Stefan Geissler
February 9, 2012, 16:40:03

Right now, I have no LabVIEW installed. Therefore I would like you to try one of the grabbing samples. Please note, there are two of them, one for LabVIEW with IMAQ library and one without.