View Full Version : Background Noise bands at high gain in USB 618 cameras?

Fossil Light
December 28, 2011, 11:15:12
I am appealing for some help from owners of USB Imaging Source cameras which have the new 618 chip.

I just bought the Firewire version of the mono 618 camera (DMK04AF618As), particularly for imaging the ISS with a high gamma setting, but I am getting disturbing horizontal bands present in the background noise in my images at 30fps when operated at this high gamma setting. The bands of noise are of even spacing and generally moving but can be stationary sometimes. They are at half the spacing at 15fps but absent at 60fps setting.

Putting the camera in an earthed metal box to shield from outside sources had no effect on the severity of the bands so this convinces me that it is internaly generated.

I want to know if the USB camera also suffers from this issue at high gamma (setting of 220) and particular frame rates.

If you are able to help, all I need you to do is to run a simple test for me. The test just involves capturing a couple of still images of the dark noise at particular camera settings.

Please let me know if you will help with the test and I can then let you know more details of exactly what camera settings are needed.

Fossil Light

Stefan Geissler
January 2, 2012, 10:44:00

As already discussed by email, this is correct. Using extreme gain and gamma shows the noise you describe.