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October 10, 2011, 13:03:20
Hello To all!
We have a machine with 2 Axis that discharges parts from a belt.
on one of this axis we use a DMK 21BF04 camera to make an image of the parts an to calculate
the rotation to place the part!
Because the cable chain is longer then 4,5 m we used a Fire Wire cable that is longer then 4,5 meters.
So now we have ogften the problem that the cameras didnt work properly.
No images are delivered form the camera.
When i try to open the camera with IC Capture 2.0 there appears the message: No devices found
When i unplug the camera and plug it again the camera will be displayed, is possible to select and it works
whitout problems!
Is it possible that is a problem with the cable length that now is 6,5 m ?
Should we use a Fire Wire repeater !
Or is it possible that is a problem with the other cameras becaus we have other 2 cameras ( 2x DFK 41BF02 )
attached at the same Fire Wire card ?
With this other 2 cameras we dont have any problem!

Stefan Geissler
October 10, 2011, 13:09:09

Your problem sounds for me for a disconnect, may be caused by a loose contact. Therefore, please check the contacts.

You are right, 4.5m is the maximum length specified by IEEE 1394. But we also used 10m cables successfully. You may try a repeater, but I am not sure, whether this will solve your problem.

October 10, 2011, 13:22:49
Maybe it should be possible that the cable is broken because the machine has made his work for 1 year without problems !
Thank you for your fast answer
Best regards
Feichter Franz