View Full Version : Externally triggering multiple cameras

August 5, 2011, 14:31:36

I have 3 DFK41BU02 cameras connected to my PC. I set external trigger on each. I tried to send a positive trigger impulse of 50 us through a coax cable, that is forked at every cameras trigger input by a BNC T connector. The problem is that sometimes no image is sent by the cameras as response to the trigger impulse. Most of the times only 1 camera send an image, sometimes 2 cameras send images, but never send each 3 cameras. How should I connect the trigger inputs. I use 5V for the trigger and the behavior is independent from using a 50ohm terminal at the end of the cable.


Michael Kirmse
August 8, 2011, 11:29:33
Dear bartaandras,

would you please try to use the cameras in live mode to make sure that they work simultaneously? You may encounter bandwidth problems if you use 3 cameras together on the same controller.