View Full Version : DMK31AF03 no longer works correctly after upgrading XP to SP3

July 10, 2011, 20:05:46

I've been using a DMK31AF03 camera for two years under Windows XP SP2.
Everything just worked fine.

I recently had to upgrade to SP3.

My camera is no longer working correctly. In fact, it works, but the FPS is limited to 7,5 (trying to set it to 15 or 30 just blocks IC Capture or i get an error message saying that "Live mode is not supported ... maybe because of limited bandwith).

I've downloaded the latest driver and latest version of IC Capture.

If i remember correctly I had a similar problem when installing the camera (~2 yrs ago) under SP1 but it was fixed by applying a WIndows patch (WindowsXP-KB88522). I tried to re-apply this patch but Windows says that it is included in SP3.

I guess that there's sth involved with the IEEE-1394 drivers in SP3 but cannot find what.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


PS : some images i've been taking with the 31AF for the last two years : http://astrosurf.com/legalet/Galeries/LuneHR_bestof.html

Stefan Geissler
July 11, 2011, 09:25:49

under circumstances the SID speed has been set back to 100 instead of 400. Therefore please follow the instructions on the hotfix page for the registry settings.

July 11, 2011, 16:32:45
Ok, found the hotfix (here : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/955408/en-us, for those who mau encounter the same pb).
Everything back to normal !

Thanks for your answer.