View Full Version : timing is everything

May 25, 2011, 23:18:16
well sad to say i had a horrible 2 weeks. decided after much research and effor t to buy a the DFK 21AU04.AS. so set aside some 4 for it. after 3 paychecks i had enough. so now had to work on the **** lol. Low and behold **** agreed to let me get the cam, actually she was excited to see what images i could get. so we decided that i would order it next paycvheck. So far everything Great. go to work 4 days later and back is hurting, this is where things go south. get home and im really in pain, my back is out. :(. next morning i cannot get out of bed. and my leg is having Numness issues. go to the doctor and he says i need an MRI. MRI shows MAJOR problems. ruptured disc in l4-l5 and nerve issues on S1, says hey you NEED to see a neurosurgeon IMMEDIATLY. surgeon (see him 3 days ago) says you need surgery ASAP. as in next friday youy need back surgery. recovery lioke 3 months. so now i went form excited to getting a amazng camera to now no camera, no use of scope for 3 + months and no 4 for longer. what kills me is if i had ordered it on the day, ONE day nbeforee all this happened, id have something Happy to look forward to after i get better. so what i need is a few people to keep talking the camera up and to keep me hyped on it, so i still have the want to buy it in 3 months. Keep telling myself if i have something to look forward to after this ill be better off. but on a plus side im working on getting 2 friends to buy the camera lol.

lol timing is everyhting

sorry for spelling, due to meds i am not typing well at all, kinda hard to focus