View Full Version : DFK 21AU04.as DSO

May 17, 2011, 15:43:22
ok seeing a few planetary images and some moon shots fon forums form this one, but not much DSO shots. Anyone post any or give some intel on How the cam does for DSO? i have a C8 with a .5 reducer and will be getting a 3.3 reducer. looking at this cam as a step up form my sammy sdc435. so pretty excited, but need to know about DSO :)


May 19, 2011, 12:50:55
I have just started trying this. Last night I tried M3 since it is a very bright object and I am in a light polluted city. I had a good visual on it with the eyepiece but could never get an image on the IC capture. I re-centered and refocused, turned gain to max and nada. So the first thing I would say is that you will have to figure out how to get the image on the capture screen. I have yet to do it. Tonight, I plan to look at some 6-7 mag stars (about the same mag as M3, but point sources) and see if I can figure out a procedure for locating the cluster. Then I'm not sure if the image will be good enough to focus on. I would like to hear other ideas. (It could be that this is just not going to work without a good guide scope and longet exposures?) I have seen some web photos of deep space objects run through registax that look pretty good so I think it is possibly but needs a good technique.