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February 18, 2011, 21:20:18
I'm fairly new at planetary imaging and I'm still experimenting with different capture settings. I'm using a DMK USB camera with luminance filter for most of my imaging. While capturing Jupiter over the last month or so I've had the best luck with the gamma set around 35. I've read in several forums that a gamma of 0 or "off" is best, and on the Imaging Source forum I read where a setting of 100 is best. In my version of IC Capture, when I move the slider all the way to the left (setting = 0 I'm assuming), I get a pure white disc of Jupiter, so I'm sure that's not what people are using when they say set gamma to 0. When I set gamma above about 50 I get a lot of onion ringing. Can anyone shed some light on IC capture gamma settings with the lates version?

Thanks, Gene

fast Freddie
February 20, 2011, 10:47:55
Hi, For USB to get a linear response set gamma to 100. For firewire set to 10 for linear. As you have USB, therefore set to 100. If you put gamma into the search on here you will find a number of posts refering to this. I have my USB DBK set to 100 without problems. You may just need to slightly change your post capture processing settings. Hope this helps. Freddie

May 21, 2011, 19:06:29
I have just spent two hours trying to get a good image of the sun (using a Baader White light filter only) and cannot get any image of the sunspot on my monitor. Since this was my very first try, I did not change gamma and I think it was set to 1. (USB2.0). Would you think that it why I have no sunspot image? No contrast?
Is the "100" setting for gamma still good for this setup?

Stefan Geissler
May 23, 2011, 07:44:25

Gamma is some mathematic, like spreading the histogram, on the image. That means, you may loose information if you use gamma. 100 is the default value if I remember correctly.