View Full Version : DFG/1394-1e - Unexplainable Behavior

February 17, 2011, 20:08:57

I'm trying to get a DFG/1394-1e working with an Alienware laptop running 64-bit Windows 7. After installing the drivers and switching to the Legacy drivers for the 4-pin Firewire port, I am unable to read in video in any setting but 320x240 RGB.

I figured it may have been an issue with Windows 7 64-bit compatibility, but I tested it on another laptop, a Lenovo running the same 64-bit OS, and it was able to read in video normally at all settings.

I attempted to reformat the Alienware laptop to see if there were odd driver conflicts, but even with a 100% fresh installation of Windows 7, I receive the exact same issue.

Might you have any suggestions as to what may be causing this erratic behavior? This laptop was specifically purchased for video editing, so I would like to get it running.

Stefan Geissler
February 18, 2011, 08:20:26
In Windows 7 is a 1394 bus driver issue. You must install the legacy driver for your 1394 bus. Then the DFG/1394-1e works fine.

You can load the legacy 1394 bus driver using the following steps: 1. In device manager, select the properties for the 1394 controller.

2. Select the 'Driver' page and 'Update Driver' button.

3. Select 'Browse my computer for driver software.'

4. Select 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.'

5. Within the list of devices, you will see a device with '(Legacy).' This is the 1394 bus driver that previously shipped in Windows. Select this device and select 'Next.'

This will install the legacy 1394 bus driver on Windows 7. You can use the same steps, changing the device you select in step 5, to revert back to the new 1394 bus driver.