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February 11, 2011, 17:57:49

I just bought a used DFK21AF04.AS and I am hoping to get some advice. Has I was reading through this forum and others there seems to be some questions as to the usability of this model for planetary use due to the type of IR/UV cut filter that is pre-mounted in the camera. Is this true?

Next question is on focusing. I have a C-11 which is very well collimated and when I use any of my high to medium high eyepieces I can easily focus to show lots of detail and sharp edges. When I put in the camera the best I can do is get a very soft image. I noticed that changing some of the settings around (FPS and Exposure) will help a little but not enough. What is the best technique and settings that I should use? Should I not bother trying to focus on the moon and use a nearby star? Will I ever see sharp images with the live view?

Thanks for your help


tea drinker
February 11, 2011, 21:04:56
Hi Steve,
it's hard to get the good solid focus with any camera, and there is some trial and error, and a learning curve involved.
A bad or barely adequate focusser will make this much harder.
I have a crayford focusser on my 8" newt and it is now (after 6 months!!!) fairly easy for me to take good focussed shots.
Having a fairly high frame rate helps e.g +15FPS. On my colour camera's I find yuy2 might give a slightly sharper live view. Dunno what your options are.
You can also zoom the image on live view, it may help focus.

End result should look better than live view anyway :-)