View Full Version : DFK31AU03.AS - Color Question

February 9, 2011, 00:39:19
Today I did a simple test using my telescope on a distant tree. I wanted to check on the results of using different settings. I tested 3 methods of capture: YUY2/Y800/BY8

I selected RGB24 as the codec for both YUY2 and BY8, and Y800 for Y800.

The color I got was identical between Y800 (after debayering) and BY8, but the color I see using YUY2 is quite a bit off. It has a strong purplish look even though all the settings on the camera were left identical during the test. I didn't adjust the white balance at all between captures. Should I have? Is there some reason the YUY2 looks so odd?

EDIT: More observations. Not only is the color odd, but the images look a bit washed out. I looked at the avi files using Mediainfo. This is confusing me because I recorded both videos at the same frame rate for 30 seconds. Mediainfo reports the BY8 file to be 12 sec long at a bit rate of 283Mbps, while it reports the YUY2 video as 30 sec long at a bit rate of 116Mbps. Why doesn't this information correlate with the IC capture program that said I captured 30 sec on both videos? Is it expected that capturing YUY2 results in lower quality because the overall bit rate is so much lower?


A kind person at IceInSpace Forum suggested that I use "unspecified" as the codec rather than RGB24. This resulted in some improvement. I then used the auto white balance, and now the colors look normal. I'm surprised that white balance adjustment should be necessary when changing from one capture method to another. Stefan, is this expected/necessary in your observation?