View Full Version : Getting “Device not found” error

December 22, 2010, 18:25:17
I have DMK 31BF03-Z.H FireWire monochrome camera (Serial# 12800042). The camera had been working fine since I bought it last year. Suddenly, today morning it stops communicating with the IC capture 2.0 software. The software throws “device not found” error message. I have checked the device’s status under the Device Manager (Computer --> Manage --> Device Manager) of the windows vista OS and I get a message that the device can not start (Code 10). I have also tried on different computers but no luck so far.

It seems that the camera is malfunctioning. The camera neither fall nor mishandled ever. One possible cause I suspect is that the FireWire cable might have detached while the IC capture software was running in preview mode (not recording mode).

Could you help me to resolve the problem?

Stefan Geissler
December 23, 2010, 09:48:54

If the camera is detected by the Windows Device Manager, then it is working fine.
I suggest:
- Try another FireWire camera
- Uninstall and install the driver again.