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October 20, 2010, 04:08:57
Greetings all,

I just read a wonderful article on IC Capture.AS on a Linux website. As I no longer run Windows and I am an Astrophotographer my choices are limited. I jumped at the chance to try this software yet when I attempt to install I'm asked for a License Key.

This is confusing as I'm pretty sure I read that the software was free. Did I miss something?

As a side note, I am a software evaluator for a company called Crossover Linux. Their aim is to help the Windows user making the move to Linux less painful by getting our favorite Windows programs working on Linux. Sort of like WINE only better.

I would love to sponsor IC Capture.AS for Ubuntu 9.10, provided it works of coarse. There is no support expectation from the programs authors, if it works it gets a Gold, Silver, or Bronze "medal" ...if it doesn't it will be added to a list of programs for future testing.

So theres my plug for Crossover Linux and Ubuntu.

So how do I go about getting a License Key....I have a Canon EOS 30D if that helps.

Will Banks

October 20, 2010, 06:30:34
IC Capture is "free" if you purchased an Imaging Source (IS) camera. To the best of my knowledge it only works with an IS camera. Great software if you have an IS camera...