View Full Version : Problem with DFK 72BUC02

October 17, 2010, 05:47:34
Hi , I'new here... I've receveid my new camera DFK and I'm installing a transfer system for 16mm films... but I've a problem with IC Capture...

When I try to use the external trigger with 1920X1080... the speed of the 16mm projector has to be really slowly.. or I've a lot o drop frame...

The second things... is that If I use the fast speed of the camera settings that is 13.2 ips... I;va an AVI file at 13.2 ips and this is not possible because I've a lot of double frame and the speed is not the same as films... so that I've to use 5 ips and cut the AVI in post production... Is really long this...

How can i Grab JPG with the trigger option of the camera ??

Sorry, but it's really important to me to use this camera with full resolution for my transfer...



Michael Kirmse
October 18, 2010, 09:06:49
Hello KinoLab,

>How can i Grab JPG with the trigger option of the camera ??

To do this, you have to set the Automated Sequence option in "Sequence Settings" to 0 minutes and 0 seconds. You may adjust the JPG quality on the "File Type" page.
Then you open the "Sequence Timer" and press "Start Timer".

November 12, 2010, 04:15:11
Hi Michael... Thanks for your tips... Now it's ok for me...

I've another question ?

Did you know how can i mange the Contrast with the camera??? We have a little problem with high-light.. and the option in the IC-CAPTURE is not avaible...



Stefan Geissler
November 12, 2010, 08:45:19
Hello KinoLab

I am very sorry, but the camera has no contrast property, thus you can not change a contrast using IC Capture. The only way I see right now, is post image processing, which is offered by most video editing programs.