View Full Version : Addressing GigE camera over network.

October 5, 2010, 16:57:09
I have a GigE camera (DMK 41AG02) and it works great plugged directly into my computer. But if I plug it into a router IC Capture cannot find it. How do I do this?

Stefan Geissler
October 7, 2010, 08:24:00

The question is hard to answer, since there are some possibilities.

First of all: Your router has Gigabit network capabilities. 100mBit is too slow

I suppose, your router has an DHCP server, that means, it provides IP addresses. If the camera is set to "DHCP" and not to "Persistant IP", then it will receive its IP address from the router. You may look into your router's configuration for the list of connected devices.
However, you can disable the firewall on your computer. Then the GigE Cam Config Tool should see the camera. If it is found you may try to set "DHCP" and disable "Persistant IP". If this does not work, you set "Persistant IP" and set the IP address matching to your subnet mask. This means, the first three number (e.g. "192.168.0.") of the IP address of your computer must be the same in the camera. The last number must be different.

Then the camera can access the network and you can use set it to DHCP, thus it receive its IP address from your router.