View Full Version : Putting a Overlay on a Buffer

July 29, 2010, 13:54:55

I am using IC3.0.1 i think in VB.net2005.

In the past I have had the one overlay with it's path set to device. When the imageavailible event is triggered the image is either displayed in the display or processed and then displayed. So the overlay also gets processed which used to be fine.

Now I need to add the process the image without the overlay and add the overlay later.

Basic sequence of operations will be:
1. Imageavailible -> copy to BufferA
2. Next imageavailible -> copy to BufferB
3. Add Buffer A to BufferB
4. Process BufferB
5. Add overlay to BufferB
6. Display BufferB
7. Save BufferB as jpeg

Is there a way to do this?


Stefan Geissler
July 29, 2010, 16:00:28

The only way to do what you want, is to use the ImageBuffer.Bitmap property, use this for a System.Drawing.Graphics object and do you drawings and savings on this.
Please refer to http://www.imagingcontrol.com/en_US/support/documentation/dotnet/prop_descImageBuffer_Bitmap.htm

Please keep in mind, if you want to change a control on your form from within the ImageAvailabe event, you must use Delegates, otherwise your application will hang.