View Full Version : artifacts at 60 fps with colour DBK too

europa man
July 26, 2010, 19:49:10
Glad i joined this forum hi everyone i also experienced artifacts, on my Colour DBK 21 af04, i was told the colour cams do not produce artifacts at 60 fps, can anyone confirm this, i took plenty of avis at 30 fps using yuvy codecs, the same night with no artifacts, yet every single one i took at 60 fps y800 raw codec had this problem. the artifacts in question are very unusual, not the sort i normally see like onion skin effect. it almost looks a frame was misplaced sideways to the right, but this appearance was seen when i said create reference on registax creating just 200 frames. attached are links to the problem resized to make it easier to see. also attached is the yuvy shots from the same night

artifacts example

yuvy 30 fps

smaller more sharpening