View Full Version : DFK 31F03 question

July 20, 2010, 12:14:09

Can someone help me and tell what is the difference between DFK 31F03 camera and DFK 31AF03. Is 31F03 good for astronomy?

Thanks in advance!

Stefan Geissler
July 20, 2010, 13:55:09

The difference is, the 31F03 is the predecessor of the 31AF03. It has different hardware, but the sensor is the same. The 31F03 is no more built since many years.

July 20, 2010, 14:08:40
Thank you Stefan.

Is 31AF03 much better for astronomy (avi files for Moon, planetary and Sun)?

Stefan Geissler
July 20, 2010, 14:10:50

if you mean much better than 31F03, then you can not compare them, since the 31F03 is no longer available. For a common answer, I suggest to ask in other astronomy forums too.

July 20, 2010, 14:33:16
The point is that I have apossibility to buy one 31F03 but with no return. And I don't know if take a risk and take the camera.