View Full Version : Error LC.EXE with code -1

June 29, 2010, 13:53:35

i'm using the IC "Imaging Control 3.1" under VisualStudio 2010 in a C# program.

No problem if i work the Framework 2.0.

"Arrêt de "LC.exe" avec le code -1." Error LC.EXE with code -1 with Framework 4.0. I need to use Framework 4.

Can you help me ?

Stefan Geissler
June 29, 2010, 16:27:46

The problem in VS 2010 with IC Imaging Control 3.1 and Framework 4 can not be solved directly. The only way is to create IC Imaging COntorl dynamically instead of placing it on the form.

TIS.Imaging.IcImagingControl ic = new TIS.Imaging.IcImagingControl("Insert license key here");

ic.Parent = this; // Something like this.
ic.Top = 5;
ic.left = 5;
ic.Width = 640;
ic.Height = 380

I am not sure, whether all lines of the code above are correct, but this is the way to get arounce LC.EXE.