View Full Version : TargetInvocationException on ShowDeviceSettingsDialog

May 18, 2010, 10:36:28
Hi Stephan

I am getting a TargetInvocationException on calling ShowDeviceSettingsDialog
I am using ICImagingControl31
Over the years theaplication has been migrating to 3.1 with succes
everything else is working no problem when adding code and compiling. I just can't add ShowDeviceSettingsDialog without getting this error.

Can you advise me what to do in order to get it working??

running on XP all service packs installed.

Kind regards and thanks fo any help Bill

Stefan Geissler
May 19, 2010, 14:05:14
Hello Bill,

I have no idea, why you get a TargetInvocationException. I suggest to create a simple small project, that calls ShowDeviceSettingsDialog and see what happens. If this works, then there must be something wrong in your program, e.g. calling this method from a different thread.
Searching the internet for "TargetInvocationException" I find the MSDN documentation and different links, e.g.:


May be this is helpful.