View Full Version : MV Merger Black Screen

March 12, 2010, 13:21:21

my goal is to make an application that can handle different kinds of input streams and combines them to a virtual capture device to use in any recording software. (for surveillance of product tests...)

I use MV Merge Frames but any inputs that i connect to it result in a black screen (where the video resolution is the right one according to input streams)
If I connect these input streams to a simple Video Renderer filter all are shown properly.
I also tried to tunnel the output with your MV Video Pipe Renderer which worked fine for the single streams but the MV Merge Frames filter seems not to work with me.
MV IP Camera Source1 -> MJPEG Decompressor -> Input00 of MV Merge Frames filter

MV IP Camera Source2 -> MJPEG Decompressor -> MV Color Space Converter -> Input01 of MV Merge Frames filter

Am i doing something wrong?

EDIT: Strange it works now.... have changed nothing, this support forum really works *magical* :-D