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March 10, 2010, 15:15:14
I am using a DMK 41FB02.H firewire camera.

I need it to operate as a linear camera. However, sometimes it appears to be doing non-linear processing, especially as the pixels in my scene approach saturation.

What is causing this (is it multi-slope or something else)? How can I turn it off? If I can't, how can I detect this is occuring and correct it?

Attached is two sample images and their associated histograms to show how some sort of non-linear processing is occuring.


Stefan Geissler
March 10, 2010, 15:57:11

I must admit, I do not understand your issue. However, in the camera can not be done anymore as you already did.

The camera has no multislope etc.

What results do you expect?

March 10, 2010, 16:04:20
I expect that as I move to a longer exposure time, the histogram will basically maintain its shape and just slide further to the right. I also expect to see a lot of pixels saturating to pixel value 255.

Instead, I'm seeing some sort of transformation occuring that is reshaping my histogram and preventing pixels from saturating to 255.

Saturating to 255 is the required behaviour. Why isn't that occuring?

Stefan Geissler
March 15, 2010, 10:42:47

My engineers want to go in contact with you directly. Please create a support case at http://www.imagingcontrol.com/en_US/support/case/