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February 19, 2010, 01:32:39
I use DFK41AU02 camera and Visual Studio 2008.
I make MFC program to control the camera.
I make program base on sample program(VCS Simple).
and I want control camera's function
(exposure, gamma.. function in the IC Capture 2.1 program's Device Properties)

So, I want get a Histogram value from some specificity region for example
entire image size is 1280 * 960 and i want capture specificity region at
from 320 * 240 to 960 * 480 rectangle region and get a histogram data.
in the IC Capture 2.1 program specify ROI function that is I want function.
If I do this, which function is do that.
Please tell me function's name.

When I save entire image. The image size is 1280 * 960 size, then how can
reduce image size... for example 640 * 480, 960 * 720 ....
Please tell me function's name.

If I want check the camera connection by using "GrabberListener::deviceLost"
function and some problem occur and need to RESET the Camera how can
RESET the camera by software reset methode?
That function is possible?
If possible what is function's name Please tell me function's name.

In the IC Capture 2.1 program there are Property reset menu.
how can i use Property reset.
If function is Possible tell me function's name

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Stefan Geissler
February 19, 2010, 13:48:49

Q1: Please see the ROI filter at : http://www.imagingcontrol.com/en_US/support/documentation/class/stdfilterROI.htm

Q2: If you only want to save the Region of interrest, then please see Q1. If you want save the whole image resized, this is much more complictated. There is no function available, I can tell you.

Q3: There is no camera reset. If the device is lost, the camera usually is reset, depending on the device type. However, you may save a device configuration (state) after you have configured a camera with "SaveDeviceStatetoFile" and load this state into a video capture device using "LoadDeviceStatefromFile". Please refer to:

Q4: You can enumerate all properties and set them to their default values. IC Capture does the same.