View Full Version : RGB32Videoformat with Overlay?

February 16, 2010, 07:36:06
Hello Stefan!

I have a question!
I want to use RGB32Videoformat with Overlay in my C#application.
I use this camera DFK21AUC03.
IC ImagingControl Version is V3.0.
(I confirmed V3.1 is possible)

Step1 My application boot BY8Videoformat with rotate-flip and overlaybitmap
Step2 Change Videoformat to RGB32
Result Overlay bitmap disappeared.

Step1 My application boot RGB32Videoformat with rotate-flip and overlaybitmap
Result My application booted But IcimageControl is blackScreen.
Only overlay bitmap appeared.

I want to know how to re-appered overlay-bitmap ,when I change Videoformat!
Can I use RGB32 Videoformat with Overlay-Bitmap in IcimageControl V3.0

Best regards,

Stefan Geissler
February 16, 2010, 08:36:15
Hello Urushi,

IC Imaging Control 3.0 is outdated, I suggest to change to 3.1. This is also necessary to avoid the error "Windowless ActiveX controls are not supported", that appears in C# 2008 in Vista or higher.

I did not knew, that there are problems in IC 3.0, but if it works fine in 3.1, then I would like to use 3.1.

If the video format is changed, then the Overlaybitmap is cleared, because the color format of the bitmap has changed, thus its representation in memory has changed too.

I checked the "Graphics Overlay sample" of IC Imaging Control with the same camera and RGB32 format. If the Overlay is in the Device or the Display path, then it is shown nicely. Same in IC 3.1. However, the Sink window stays black. This has to be checked.
I point to the rotate_flip filter, that does not like the RGB 32 in IC 3.0.