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February 10, 2010, 17:42:00
first, i need to thank stefan and john berryman for getting me to the
point where i'm beginning to be able to make all of this work as well as
to be able to speak somewhat coherently about the image source cameras
and ic capture. thanks!

i've been capturing from 16mm film to an avi file at 2048x1536 so the
files are very large. ic capture is capturing from a dfk61 with a frame
rate of 10fps. ic capture uses this frame rate in the avi file. problem is
that i'm not actually capturing at 10fps. yes, the camera is sending at
10fps, but i'm using a trigger to capture frames only when cleanly seated
in a projector gate. that means that my file's frame rate should have
nothing to do with the camera's frame rate. the file's frame rate should
match the film's intended projection speed, in this case, 24fps. i could
easily see other standard frame rates needing to be applied for this
purpose, though, as i know of many others doing what i'm doing. other
applicable frame rates might be 16, 18, 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50,
59.94, or 60. for this reason, i need to try to set my file's rate,
independent of the camera's running rate.

the file's are huge so i'd like to be able to just change some data (in
the header maybe?) to affect the change. anyone know of a utility for this?
is there a way to specify the file's frame rate at the time of capture if you
want it to differ from the incoming frame rate of the camera?

using the file as-is causes final cut to read the file incorrectly. the only
workaround i've come up with so far is to put it in mpeg streamclip,
output it to an image sequence at 10fps, and re-import the frames
into final cut. at 2048x1536 my file for ~1200ft of 16mm film is over
400gb and takes about 12 hours to capture. needless to say, all of this
importing/exporting takes forever. i'd estimate it to add another 10 hours
to the process, just in the workaround. having that many still frames
also slows final cut down as it seems to have a limit of about 12000 frames
for still import at these sizes. final cut imports the full avi much faster
than it will import a matching sequence of stills.

if there is currently no user frame rate input box in ic capture, i'd like
to make that a feature request as it would save a huge headache on this
end. if there is a way to do this, i'm all ears!

another workaround would be to capture directly to stills. i'll test this shortly.
there is an issue with that as well, though, in that ic capture limits its
frame numbering to four digits. that means breaking my 1200 ft rolls into at
least five parts and capturing them separately. the rolls will have to be
lined up to find appropriate break points (scene changes work best), which
will add a lot of time to the preparation for capture. the sequences will then
have to be renumbered to match the frame count from the original film rolls.
all of this will add a lot of time to, what should be, a very straightforward
process. one should be able to simply punch a hole at the beginning of a
film roll, punch another at the end, start capturing at the head punch, and
stop at the tail punch. the frame numbers would match the film roll's frame
count if the capture maintained sync. adding one digit to ic capture's
numbering system would make this possible and eliminate hours of needless
prep before and checking and renumbering after the capture.


Stefan Geissler
February 11, 2010, 13:13:08

In the internet are little programs availble, that change the play back frame rate of AVI files. You may look here:

I guess, there are many more programs like that available.

Also for single image capture: Your camera came with a free SDK (IC Imaging Control Software development kit). It should be a simple task to enhance the sample applications for automatic single image capture and saving, that meets your requests.

February 11, 2010, 18:06:30
thanks stefan.

tried that frame rate changer but, while all of the windoze and third
party mac apps i tried recognize the changed rate, quicktime and
final cut pro do not find the new rate. this is a requirement for our
work. have not found other rate changers that do not require

thanks also for the tip about the sdk but i'm not a programmer and
don't really have time to become one for a single purpose like this.

looking into workarounds and alternative apps. will post back here
if i find something more suited to our purposes.

thanks again,