View Full Version : Reseting DMK Gigabit

January 31, 2010, 11:48:30

I just have a DMK 41BG02.H Gigabit camera. It worked with the cable alone,
I tried to change the IP number to install on my network. Now the camera is
unreachable, is there a possibility to reset the camera ?

Finaly I succeed to reach it. But I still have a problem with the network.
The camera works with a simple link between the camera and the PC, but
when I want to use a Hub it's failed. In fact IC capture see the camera
but doesn't want to aquire images.

Perhaps it is due to my hub which is just a 100 megabig, not enough
for the gigabit camera ? perhaps also a problem with the manufacturer,
do you have models that work well ? By the way how many camera can
manage a single PC ?



Stefan Geissler
February 1, 2010, 10:12:51

Please disable the Windows FireWall. Then the GigE IP Config programm will see the camera again and you can configure it.

The camera is a Gigabit ethernet camera, thus a 100mBit hub will block the camera.