View Full Version : DFK 21AF04.AS Camera Internal Dimension

January 4, 2010, 23:32:58
I need to adapt a commercial lens to my DFK 21AF04.AS for a specialized test. This lens has a 25 mm focal length, so I need to machine an adaptor that will allow the lens to be be brought to focus.

In my camera, what is the distance between the CCD sensor surface and the outer edge of the C-threaded nosepiece on the camera body?


Mick Hollimon
4 Jan 10

Stefan Geissler
January 5, 2010, 08:24:12
The camera body is CS mount. If you have a C mount lens, then you need a 5mm extension ring.

January 6, 2010, 01:16:06
Herr Geissler - thanks for the quick reply.

I did not make myself clear in my initial post.

I have an unmounted achromatic lens (17.5 mm diameter, 25 mm FL) from Edmund Corp (here in US). I need to machine a fixture that will place the lens approximately the proper distance from the CCD sensor chip in my DFK 21AF04.AS. I intend to machine a fixture which can be inserted into the inner barrel of the 1.25 inch focuser adaptor (screws onto the C-mount on the camera body) and which can be slid back and forth in the barrel in order to focus the lens. In order to design the fixture I need to know the distance from the CCD chip surface to the outer edge (far end) of the C-thread nosepiece, without the 1.25 inch focuser adaptor screwed on.

Thanks for any further help you may be able to give me on this question.

Mick Hollimon
5 Jan 10