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December 28, 2009, 22:32:59
Dear Forum,

I use a GigE (DBK41AG02.AS) camera on my laptop, and I have noticed radio interferences when it is used near a PAL/SECAM video transmitter/receiver device.

The radio transmitter takes a video stream from a camcorder and sends it to a receiver which is linked to a video monitor (a television) about 5 meters away.

Whenever the GigE DBK camera starts streaming, the video signal between the radio transmitter and receiver becomes intermittent, i.e. the receiver keeps on losing the radio signal, re-gaining it, losing it again, etc...
The interferences stop only when I power off the DBK camera (I pull the 12V adapter off from the camera).

Have you noticed this kind of behaviour when testing the cameras ?

I have no way of knowing if the interferences are due to the camera or to the Gigabit ethernet adapter on my laptop... The DBK camera is the only gigabit ethernet device I have.

For your information, the video transmitter/receiver device used is a Thomson VS460.
The operating frequency of the device seems to be 2.4Ghz.
This system has a 4 position channel selector switch. I tried all of them without any success.

I also have a firewire DMK31AF03.AS and a USB DMK21AU04.AS cameras, and this does not happen when using them.

Thank you for any information.
Best regards
Axel Canicio

tea drinker
March 3, 2010, 23:36:32
Perhaps you could try using another known good cable?
A shielded cable rather than UTP may be best for your requirements.