View Full Version : New trial version "fix" for Registax & DBK etc cams

Kokatha man
December 16, 2009, 02:44:11
Hi Stefan and everyone else.....I was haranguing people about the inability of DBK etc cams to process colour files in Registax5 if the files were over 1+Gb.....put several posts here and noticed others stumped by this!

Following some long emails between myself and Cor Berrevoets (Registax creator) Cor has come up with a fix for R5 that can be downloaded from his site.....this was devised by him and presented to me as a present on the night of my 60th birthday for my persistence and assistance to him in resolving this problem....!:-)

Put simply, when capturing in Y800 the important points are:

Make sure Y800 is chosen with the "Uncompressed" radio button activated in "Recording Settings" in "Record Video File".....AS WELL AS in the window above the capture controls.

AFTER setting all other controls and adjusting the RGB channels histogram YOU THEN CLICK THE "ENABLE DEBAYERING" TAB SO THAT THE ONSCREEN IMAGE TURNS FROM COLOUR TO B&W (as will the histogram) AND ONLY THEN START RECORDING!

This results in a mono image when you play the avi back afterwards in (say) Windows Media player.

With Registax trial fix version (downloadable from Cor's Registax site) have the "Use Extended mode for" radio button of "Avi > 1Gb" checked for "always"

During Registax processing (with "debayering" and the correct GB etc checked under those controls) the onscreen image of the planet will appear GREEN at times during processing (and occassionally B&W) but you will have an end-image in colour .....

Remember that for files under 1Gb R5 usually presents no problems (ie, the trial fix version isn't necessary) BUT it appears that many people using Y800 are not realizing that they MUST capture as a mono image onscreen to be able to debayer in Registax afterwards....!