View Full Version : LEAD MCMP/MJPEG codec

November 15, 2009, 16:57:42
Is (or was) this codec included in the software with the DMK21AU04.AS that I got about a year ago? It is on the WinXP laptop that I used with the camera, but I have moved to a Win7 laptop and that codec is no longer shown in the drop down list. I loaded the software from the disk that came with the camera, and downloaded the updated driver and IC Capture 2.1. I also loaded IC Imaging Control 3.0, which seems to have added some extra codecs, but not the LEAD codec.


Stefan Geissler
November 16, 2009, 09:03:32

Years ago a demo version of this codec was included with the setup. But some years ago we removed the demo version.
The "added" codecs are only the uncompressed formats like "Y800","RGB32" etc. All the other ones were already installed on your computer. You may have a look at the Leadtools website for their codec.