View Full Version : Synchronizing two cameras by using strobe output

July 7, 2009, 13:31:29

i am using two 21BF04 cameras on Firewire-bus. Both cameras should be synchronized. Is it possible to use the strobe-out signal of the first camera to trigger the second one ?

How i should wire the involved pins camera 1 - pin 6 for strobe and camera 2 - pin 1 and 2 for trigger +/- ?

Thanks for your answer !

Stefan Geissler
July 7, 2009, 17:01:31

The recommended way is to use an external trigger pulse generator for both cameras.

A simple pulse USB generator can be found here: http://www.paktek.de/ (sorry, its a German page)

July 13, 2009, 07:50:38
First of all thanks for your answer.

May i ask what argues against the strobe-->trigger solution ?

Another question would be the possibility to use the trigger by using the LabView-VIs provided by ImagingSource. Is it possible to get synchronized images by using LabView and external trigger ?
I just because i have seen that it is necessary to using callbacks (Listeners) to guarantee that no frame is missed and the images are synchronous