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June 2, 2009, 08:08:08

laptop with XP and IC Imaging Control 3

I looking for a way to detect that the video acquisition system is frozen or out of order.
I get the video signal from a wireless transmission sometime the signal is lost or disturbed, the 1394 give me a error "internal error..." and the USB still frozen.
I looking to reboot the 1394 and the USB when the problem is detected.


June 2, 2009, 08:40:42
I've found in the forum a discussion about the 1394 and a solution with the FireWire Performance Manager but I still needing a way to reboot the cards.

Stefan Geissler
June 2, 2009, 09:27:23
Usually a stoplive and startlive will solve the problem in the DFG/1394. The USB converter has no problem with this.

June 2, 2009, 09:31:51
But how to detect automatically I've a problem ?

Stefan Geissler
June 2, 2009, 09:35:51
This is a problem. If the video camera does no longer provide images, you can try to use the "Signal dectected" property. Use IC Capture for checking it. It is shown in the "Properties" dialog.

If this does not work as expected, you must use a simple image processing, that checks the first 3 or 5 pixels in the 3rd or higher line. If they all have the same blue color, then the camera does not provide images.

I know this problem and there is no simple solution for it.

The USB converter will provide images, even if the connected camera does not work. Thus it is very hard for this device to check, whether the connected analogue camera provides images or not.

June 2, 2009, 10:05:25
Ok I will test it as soon as possible