View Full Version : why image is flicering?

April 27, 2009, 08:50:10
dear stefan,

Good Morning!

im using DFx 41AF02 camera. my images are flickering. and it has more noise. even afer i adjusting the gain also. i have fixed exposure as 1/500.

please help me and let me know how to avaoid this problem.

thanks in advance


Stefan Geissler
April 27, 2009, 11:36:20
May be the flicker comes from your ligthing? You may see the brightness phases of your ligthing.

April 27, 2009, 14:26:28
no im using LED lights.

i didnt faced such a type of problem before..

Stefan Geissler
April 27, 2009, 14:38:24
Hi Abdul,

does the flicker disappear, if the exposure time is longer? Also is the LED source realy stable? Are you sure it does not flicker?

If the flicker disappears if the expsoure time was longer, then it is your LED source, that flickers. You may test the camera with normal daylight. If the camera flickers with normal daylight, then the problem is may be in the camera.