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March 30, 2009, 13:09:07
smart_com<IFrameFilter> pFilter = FilterLoader::createFilter( "Rotate Flip", // Filter name.
"stdfilters.ftf" ); // Module file.

grabber.setDisplayFrameFilters( pFilter.get() );

pFilter->getParameter( "Flip H", bFlipHorizontal );

pFilter->setParameter( "Flip H", !bFlipHorizontal );

this code cannot work.But no error.why?
Please help me!
stdfilters.ftf has been in the application`s dir.:question:

Stefan Geissler
March 30, 2009, 15:07:00
Please pass an empty string instead of "stdfilters.ftf".

Also make sure, the "pFilter" is not only declared in a local function, because it will be deleted, if the function was left. Make the "pFilter" known in your complete class.

At least, pass only "pFilter" to "setDisplayFrameFilters", not "pFilter.get()".