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March 10, 2009, 17:43:42
Hi to all hommies, i need to clean that ccd sensor from durst, i tried to clean it with airblower, but i didn't clean it all of black points of dursts, now i bought a brush, too soft i think for paints, can i use it with the sensor in dry mode?(without any liquid)
I also bought a microfibre paper for home cleaning, will i damage something if i try to clean the ccd with those things? thank u for reply i hope u will tell me the best way to clean it without damaging something...

March 10, 2009, 18:01:04

What model is your camera ? I have cleaned the surface of the sensors using a QTip with a mixture of Isopropylalcohol @ 99.999% purity/Ether ratio 90%/10% and they still do work.

If you have a filter window in from if it is a DFK then less of a problem to do it wet.

Do NOT use denaturated alcohol eg. the normal Pharmacy alcohol as they always contain very small traces of some oils which could smear the surface of the chip or fiolter.

regards Rainer

March 10, 2009, 19:04:15
dbk21au04.as and dmk21au04.as, i would know if the things i talked (microfibre and soft brush) can damage the ccd glass when i try to clean it by using them on the surface, i don't think i need to use liquid alchool to clean it, they are black points on my monitor so a tiny drusts piece.
thank u for reply man!

Stefan Geissler
March 11, 2009, 08:48:17
Cleaning The CCD Chip Of DMK/DFK/DBK Cameras

We are often asked how to best clean the surface of the CCD chip. Below is a list of the preferred methods.

1) Compressed Air From Air-Blower

Compressed air is usually sufficient to remove most foreign bodies from the surface of the CCD chip. We recommend using an air-blower, such as from Edmund Optics, and not compressed air from an aerosol. Compressed air from an aerosol may contain other chemicals (propellant, water, oil etc.) which could damage the surface of the CCD.

For details, see www.edmundoptics.com.

2) Hama Lenspen MiniPro II

A company called Hama manufactures a product, which is ideally suited to the task: Lenspen MiniPro II. It is available online and from most well-stocked photography stores. One side of the pen has a brush on it, while the other, a small cleaning surface. The later is suited to efficiently removing dirt and fingerprints.

For details, see www.amazon.co.uk.

3) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Although a microfiber cleaning cloth is a very viable option, it can be tricky to get the cloth onto the surface of the CCD chip through the camera’s mount opening. A cotton swab (UK: Q-Tip) can help here.

4) Pure Alcohol (at least 90%)

This can be purchased from most chemists. Never use Isopropanol, as it draws moisture from the air, which results in streaks on the surface of the CCD.

5) Alcohol Substitute

Instead of pure alcohol, Methanol or a liquid called Eclipse can be used (Eclipse is essentially Methanol). However, we do not recommend this approach, as Methanol is highly poisonous.

6) Combination Of All Above

Of course, all approaches can be mixed!

Do not worry about touching the glass in front of the CCD chip. It is pretty robust. Only by rubbing glass, sand or diamond on the surface can it be scratched.

March 11, 2009, 15:15:39
Hi Eminem2pac,

at risk of just repeating the abovesaid:

I myself am using a combination of an air-blower (available in most photo-shops) and isopropylalcohol.

First I blow the dust away, then I apply (using a Q-tip / cotton swab) some alcohol and dab it away. The remaining alcohol I can't dab away is then blown away using the air blower again.

Kind regards