View Full Version : Windows XP Pro SP3 No device Found In IC Capture

February 15, 2009, 12:08:13
I am not actually a new user as far as the camera goes but incredibly new to posting on this forum. I am having great difficulty in re establishing my installation of my DFK21AF04.AS. I had to reformat my system and and re install Windows XP Pro with SP3. My camera was working fine under Windows XP Pro SP3 before but now it is not recognised in IC Capture. The device manager informs me that there is an unknown device (see attached) The driver installation finds the device but there is obviously something amiss in the recognition of the camera.
This entry has never been evident in the previous installation. It was listed in the imaging devices as the imagingsources device but not now. I have performed numerous unistallations and removed temp files, amended the registry, removed the firewire card and replaced it several times. What has me scratching head is the fact the driver installation finds the device but decides to locate it the bottom of the Device Management listing, HELP Please! Also exactly the same thing happened with my ****'s Vista Ultimate notebook. I have a powered firwire hub so power cannot be the issue.:confused:

Stefan Geissler
February 16, 2009, 08:55:50

Well, this is a very hard problem. If Windows did not show the "Imaging Devices" section, then a part of Windows is missing. That means, the driver installation will fail too, usually with a message like "the driver is incompatible".

I had this problem only once and the solution was reinstalling Windows. However, you already reinstalled Windows XP, thus it is no good hint.

I searched about this problem a little bit in the internet. There was a hint, that states to delete the FireWire board from the Device Manager. After doing so, the "Scan for Hardware Changes" button (the most right one) should be clicked. I think, this is worse a try and usually you can no damage anything.