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October 7, 2008, 00:07:05

I am using the IC Imaging Control 3.0 that came with my Imaging Source video to 1394 converter. I am programming in Visual Basic .NET using Visual Studio 2003 in Windows Xp. I have no problem compiling and running the sample application DemoApp that came with the software: my video signal comes through great. Similarly, if I create my own Windows application from scratch and drop the control ICImagingControl on a form I also have no problems. However, when I drop this same control in an existing Windowns application that we have and try to call the method LiveStart, I get the following exception: "Internal error". This happens even though, in the form designer at design time, when I select the VCDPropertyItems property the video signal comes through. Note that the property .DeviceValid = TRUE immediately before my call to .LiveStart.

Please let me know how to correct this problem.

Stefan Geissler
October 7, 2008, 08:34:48

This is a hard to catch error. My first suspect is, that references are missing. Please have a look into the Solution explorer at References and check, whether the references


are listed. If not, you can add them manually from "C:\Program Files\The Imaging Source Europe GmbH\IC Imaging Control 3.0\bin\"

October 7, 2008, 15:41:53
Thanks for working with me on this. Indeed, all three references are present.

If it helps: when I first installed the control I had a large number of errors. I eventually tracked the problem to the presence of the structure dotnetfilter.exception, which was conflicting with System.Exception. Specifically, in my original code I used:

Catch ex As Exception

but I had to rewrite them all as:

Catch ex As System.Exception

to get around the problem. Could there be other naming conflicts that are not apparent? I did not find anyone else on the forum that experienced this problem.

Stefan Geissler
October 8, 2008, 13:48:37

since IC Imaging Control works fine in "stand-alone" applications, as you write, I think, the problem is your main application. But I can not imagine, what creates the problem in there. I have not heard about conflicts with other controls.

May be, we can try with another version of IC. Please send a request using