View Full Version : share an video signal between two applications

September 8, 2008, 08:31:18
At the moment I am evaluation the use of some filters of the MV SDK for one of our products. It looks promising! However, our architecture requires a single video input to be shared by two applications. I tried this with GraphEdit and the MV Workbench. The second application that tries to render the stream allways fails with the error: "This graph can't play. Insufficient system resources exists to complete the requested service". It looks to me as if the video input is exclusively locked by the first application that tries to render the stream. Is there a filter available that alows me to share a video stream between two apps on the same PC?



Bernd Peretzke
September 12, 2008, 08:57:26

Video source can only be used in one filter graph. To use it in two apps a the same time you have to create one fillter graph with the video source. In this graph insert the MV Splitter filter to create two sindle video streams. Connect one of these streams into to the MV Network Renderer Filter. This filter streams the video stream into the network. The second application use the MV Network Source filter to receive the video stream. SO you should use the video source in two applications. A problem could be the data rate depending on video resolution and frame rate. An other problem could be that the second application could only start after the first app ist running.

Btw.: We are working on a two filters for interprozess communication that could replace the MV Network filters in this application. Thy are working but are not finally released.