View Full Version : Registry entries of MVSmartControl.IMVSCCameraControl.Load()

September 2, 2008, 12:55:45
I have a problem with the function:
MVSmartControl.IMVSCCameraControl.Load(string CameraFilter, string Application, string key, bool user).
There is no error message is reported, but however the last camera settings, that was selected during the last program start are not selcted by the next start of the program. In all cases the first of three entries (in my case three) are selected all the time, independed of changing it. The three entries in the Registry don't change, anyways.
The problem can be comprehended at the Sample-program QualityControl 2005 left with the MontiVision Development Kit 3.1.
I'm using the newest Microsoft VSTS 2008 with C# and Windows XP SP3. Possibly the problem is associated with one of them?
Does anybody know a solution?