View Full Version : facing problem to connect two similar camera with activ view

August 20, 2008, 15:40:45
dear all,
I have two DMK21BF04 camera and i m using single PC and two Activ Vision Tools software to connect those camera.

the problem i m facing is i m not able to connect both camera with both softwares.

i am able to connect it with ICCapture 2.0 (both camera).
when i m connecting it with Mvtec software i can connect with first software
but with second software i m getting error that there is error in grabbing image.

i think its confused because of similar name of camera.

if i m connecting single camera with first software and then connecting second camera with firewire cable and then second software with second camera works fine.

if any one can advise how to change name of device,it will be helpfull for me.

my email id is: mvplus@gmail.com

or any other suggestion helpfull to me.

thanx in advance.

bhavesh gohil

Sascha Schmidt
August 22, 2008, 10:57:41

which MVTec software do you use?

I have tried it with ActivViewer and there was no problem with device identification.